Unique outdoor catering

Sustainable and environmentally friendly services

At Oinkies, the aim is to provide quality outdoor catering services for parties and events. Our company is organic and self-sustainable, and we use products from our farm where we can. We provide a unique service by keeping to the Oinkies life cycle. With affordable catering options, we strive to create a fun, family-friendly environment wherever we are. Our free range meat comes from our farm and local suppliers, and we produce our own organic honey. We also aim to reuse all leftovers and carefully dispose of our waste.


We look after our pigs and chickens on our farm, where they have space to roam and behave as animals should. The meat and eggs we produce from our free range animals is tastier and healthier than the alternative. Oinkies also provides customers with a menu that offers a wider variety than most.


We farm our own bees, assisting with the increase of Ireland’s bee population. Many of our marinades and recipes are so tasty because many of them include the organic honey produced by the Oinkies bees.


We do our best to lower our carbon footprint here at Oinkies. The vehicles we use on our farm are electric and energy efficient, so the CO2 emissions are much lower than on other farms, where the chosen equipment operates on diesel or petrol.

We also have the option to use environmentally friendly equipment, like cutlery, at your request and we ensure that the area is properly cleaned up afterwards.


There are ways that you can reduce waste, and one is to reuse leftovers. We make it our business to ensure that no leftovers are wasted. When something is no longer usable, it becomes waste which we carefully dispose of, with the environment in mind.


The working environment at Oinkies strives for fun and environmental awareness at the same time. The staff at Oinkies are all working towards a common goal; to provide an energetic environment at any event we cater for and ensure that we are disposing waste carefully and effectively.

Here at Oinkies we provide a healthy, safe and sustainable environment for our staff and clients. Oinkies Outdoor Catering is the best option when looking for an environmentally friendly outdoor catering company.