Kevin O’KeeFfe

Oinkies are more than just food and drinks. It is a family utilizing the best staff, suppliers, and services and cutting on costs – ensuring that you as a customer have the best catering experience and value for money.

Oinkies was founded by owner Kevin O’Keeffe, through tough times and a lot of learning from the various industries – which now forms a vital part of his vision for Oinkies. He has gained a vast range of management skills and how to apply all his knowledge and skills as effectively as possible.

Throughout the making of Oinkies, Kevin has had his hand on the pulse and made extensive use of the knowledge and experience he gained as a student, chef, and recycler. As a student, the journey may not always follow a traditional route. Kevin started with a degree in culinary arts to working at a waste centre and now beekeeping – the learning never stops.

As an experienced chef, Kevin knows that employees can be taken advantage of and emphasizes that his staff follow their dreams. Oinkies operates within a lifecycle, allowing for 25 jobs for the various departments, and without it, Oinkies would not function properly.

Through recycling, he learned how to save and learned what it means to give back that which you take to sustain the environment. Kevin’s love for the environment now leads him to learn about beekeeping.