At Oinkies, we continuously try to find innovative ways to use what we receive from nature with no wastage. The focus is solely on organic farming and ensuring that our catering events and meals contain fresh and organic ingredients. Part of our Oinkies lifecycle is our bee farming and harvesting 100% raw honey.

Kevin O’Keeffe reached out to one of the brothers and cofounders, Andrew from Blackwater Honey to gain more knowledge and training about bee farming. Sharing the passion of honey bees, Andrew provided the training and assisted with building the Oinkies Bee Hives.

Blackwater Honey is a family-run beehive business that also intertwines the importance of biodiversity into its farming method.

Today our Oinkies bees produce the delicious honey used in our marinades and more in our pork on the spit.

At Oinkies we are committed to the importance of maintaining the bee population and increasing the number of native bees in Ireland to produce honey.

Oinkies wants to promote bee farming so that these fantastic insects can perform their pollination tasks, which supports the ecosystems in Ireland.

Our efforts at Oinkies help grow fruits and vegetables and use sustainable in-house ingredients to produce delicious catering options for our clientele.