Oinkies Vision

Oinkies follows the lifecycle principle – whatever we take from the farm, we give back, ensuring that we save on costs.

All our products are organic, the honey, flower, and herbs are edible. Our animal products are fresh from our farm, we have free-range pigs, chickens, and eggs. Whatever leftovers we hold are re-used or disposed of carefully.

For the love of the environment, Oinkies uses electric vehicles that are energy-efficient and clean – we are very much aware of our Carbon.
Oinkies is a family that encourages and promotes a fun and happy atmosphere with an emphasis on environmental awareness.

Oinkies is all about good quality service from our staff to the food; you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience. With a variety of menu options we can cater for any event you can imagine.

Why not make Oinkies your first outdoor catering option – you will not be disappointed.